Network Proposal Details"Revision 9 Proposal"

Revision 9 Proposal
Revision Update
Proposal Result: SUCCESS
Proposer: ICON Foundation
Total Votes For: 16
Total Votes Against: 0
Total Votes Abstained: 6
Proposal Details

Revision 9 Proposal

The ICON Foundation submit a Network Proposal (Revision Proposal) to activate the Revision 9 feature. This Revision 9 is already included in Loopchain 2.6.0, ICON Service 1.7.3, and Reward calculator 1.2.0 but is not yet activated. The purpose of the proposal is to enhance the governance experience of the ICON Network. Below are the summary of the update. You can find a release note for this update at the link (

Summary of this update

  • Add a Private Key Dualization feature so that a P-Rep can separate the key used for block production from the key used for governance. The existing key will be used as governance keys, and P-Reps can register additional node key for block production going forward
  • Add a Multiple Unstaking Requests function so that a user can create multiple unstaking requests and manage it
  • Support a SCORE inter-call function to interact with System SCORE so that a smart contract can stake and delegate with IISS API using SCORE internal call
  • Add a new type of the network proposal to adjust the global i_rep value
  • The number of delegation slots has increased up to 100
  • Minor bugfix and code optimization
Voting Details
P-Rep Transaction Vote Date
ICON Foundation 0x591d351d03063aa235ee39b05c4413941b5c381e325ced0441fd438c32881da5 For 8/13/2020 7:10:52 AM
ICX_Station 0xc2e35dcbc8c7d936d781638cb408d38c5f877d652c5f41dae811304094a9d288 For 8/13/2020 7:20:44 AM
ICON DAO 0xa56e4bc1446db11d20f86c8cd34420982679e0145592b427974cdfb1c3855e02 For 8/13/2020 8:05:30 AM
PARROT9 0xac58ed3fb9650759b8e28b8c3937e794c87f2a323ae0ec32dd2a32a7c0e29c9d For 8/13/2020 7:36:55 AM
VELIC 0x63bbb46274fd7bad44616c4b0bb284ddbce28d7425c4129175901d9624d80c85 For 8/13/2020 7:57:38 AM
ICONation N/A Abstained N/A
Stakin 0xaecf07e37265dc40fd07e5c25c47daa2c0a9a7ee8001b99c219645be7b9e6190 For 8/13/2020 8:07:50 AM
ICON Hyperconnect 0x338bf4c0ba26955244b1af7ea11231d2ce74a2d568993a82d877be19bed63b60 For 8/13/2020 7:22:50 AM
Ubik Capital N/A Abstained N/A
RHIZOME 0x2dc97ea83b5f261d0562daec56b9ac1d051a93b1f25aee8206989ac0d8cee2b4 For 8/13/2020 7:22:35 AM
ReliantNode 0xcfdd4e586fb4432aa3dd04f76afe3ef2d558f99ebb4f261a5648556cde5070b9 For 8/13/2020 9:14:29 AM
Everstake 0x5678e311221f953fa0c818805c0ac478a49b86d0342452ed3d949e19a5580d69 For 8/13/2020 7:37:07 AM
Mineable 0x07e9325b4fddf5111e30a5104cbf5f3e838ab812a6138ad1ce8e5200604841b4 For 8/13/2020 10:02:54 AM
ICONbet Community N/A Abstained N/A (ex Sharpn) 0xe7ee174264819da127506e3fdfaa355eeb5942ec356d4b7d42ab0c2b23e2d3c4 For 8/13/2020 8:29:22 AM
TNTXT (iconviet) 0xeb4b62881187cabd5b10f008fcf40dd48bcc65b4028de03d47d770b17afb5baa For 8/13/2020 8:03:27 AM
weBloc asia N/A Abstained N/A N/A Abstained N/A
NEOWIZ 0x125464a984070a51719d4934551f10e59cef6393a30e2deaf34d72f29937e763 For 8/13/2020 9:18:02 AM
block42 0x8c8b270467909270fa00b4d04ebfdf44f49b9aa40fe3361fe940a4e62e045faa For 8/13/2020 9:31:39 AM
Symmetry SLC N/A Abstained N/A
Blockmove 0xad52c1841bb965799872f06792afb410a4ff517f1c8f96d20bb41da923fe8edf For 8/13/2020 10:00:52 AM