ICONalyst Updates: Projects & Ratings Integrations, UI Updates and More!

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ICONalyst Updates: Projects & Ratings Integrations, UI Updates and More!

ICONists! Hello again.

We're back with another round of updates to the ICONalyst platform!

The updates in this release are largely centered around the UI/UX, P-Rep contributions and cleanup of existing functionalities.

The following updates are now LIVE:

  • P-Rep profile layouts have been updated to present data in a cleaner and more accessible format. Mobile formats will be updated in a future release.
  • P-Rep profiles now include information on P-rep projects that have been added through https://icon.community. Additionally we also collect user rating information from Reliant Node's https://iconpreps.com project which will be rolled into future metrics and ratings in ICONalyst.
  • P-Rep Discussions (found on profile pages) are now working again. Discussions & comments are recorded on chain and will require an active ICON address, ICONex and enough ICX to cover transaction fees.
  • A new metric has been added to the "Overview" section of P-Rep profiles called "Transfer Ratio". This is a ratio of the % of ICX spent to the amount a P-rep owns. By itself it isn't conclusive, but can help identify P-Reps who might be saving/spending their rewards. Additional financial analysis tools and metrics are planned for the next release.
  • ICONAlyst now reports node statuses for all P-reps. This is polled every 30 minutes.
  • The P-Rep list has been modified to present data better. The network statistics were moved to the home page.
  • The homepage no longer has the unnecessary image slider, and instead presents network, proposal and ICONAlyst  information more readily

There are still many updates being worked on and planned for ICONalyst in the near future which include:

  • "Transaction Analysis" on P-Rep accounts to help users understand how P-reps are using their rewards
  • "Associated Accounts" on P-rep profiles to help identify accounts that might be associated with a P-Rep that isn't voluntarily reported.
  • "Delegation History & Analysis" P-Rep profiles
  • A new user rating & review system for P-Rep categories such as contributions, social interactions, financial responsibility and more.
  • Searching, filtering and sorting P-Rep discussions
  • An ICONalyst dark mode. 
  • Google web page translation integration
  • Additional social feed integration for various platforms
  • Email notifications for P-reps and users for various on chain and ICONalyst events.
  • and more!

As always thank you to everyone for your feedback and support and if you have any questions, comments or concerns the easiest way to reach me is through telegram here. Other contact methods can be found in the footer below!

Brandon @ Foundry Box Media
Published on 6/19/2020 8:07:55 PM