ICONalyst Updates

ICONalyst Updates

Hello ICONists! 

It has been a few weeks since we have pushed anything live, but today we change that! We have pushed a few enhancements and fixes live and will be marching forward with our plans to expand ICONalyst's functionality further.

A number of fixes relating to transaction logging, summation and reporting have been resolved. This includes duplicate transactions and, in some cases, over reported totals for transferred and owned ICX totals on P-Rep pages.

Additionally we have retired our "Community Policies" section and functionality. In addition to a lack of interest from the community, these features are supported by ICON's Network Proposal system already. Network proposal and voting information can still be found and accessed through ICONalyst and P-Reps can still sign up for email notifications through their P-rep portal settings.

There have been a few cosmetic and information updates on P-Rep profiles. Any feedback on these features and the information included is always welcome! Twitter feeds, if they are configured on your P-Rep settings (on chain) will now show up on profiles under "News & Information". Additional feeds will be included in the near future.

You will notice sections for contributions and delegations. These are both upcoming features we have been working on to help P-Reps provide more information and ICONists a more complete picture of the P-Reps they are voting for! This will be refined and expanded to include other functionality as necessary and available!

Other plans:

We have several other updates we are working on currently, in addition to the above. We will be transitioning the authentication on ICONalyst to use the more streamlined ICONex login features found on several other projects. This is a more official and less tedious way to authenticate using your wallet. Email account creation and logins will still work, however.

We will be expanding our email notification system to include a much wider array of configurable email (and soon SMS) notifications for on chain events and more. This will include emails for users as well as registered P-Reps, should they choose. 

Lastly we are working on a prototype tool to provide P-reps with tools to describe, notate and explain their budgets and expenditures in greater detail. We will provide more information and previews soon on how this might look and work.

ICONalyst Team
Published on 2/26/2020 8:03:41 PM