ICONalyst Recent Updates 11/13/2019

ICONalyst Recent Updates 11/13/2019

Greetings ICONists! 

Another round of updates have gone live on ICONalyst only days after we saw our first network proposals logged and voted on the ICON block chain! Exciting times ahead as we work on various planned (and some unexpected) features and updates. This week we have a number of updates surrounding the ICON Network Proposal functionality tied to ICON's block chain, as well as clarification on our community policy proposals. We will continue to refine and expand on these, but the process should be clearer with each round of updates.

  • New "ICON Governance" navigation that separates the on chain "network proposals" from ICONalyst's community policy and proposal initiatives!
  • Network proposal notifications for P-Reps. As the first part of our initiative to provide notifications and updates based on governance updates, p-rep updates and more, we have added a feature to notify P-Reps of new Network Proposals created on the ICON Block chain automatically. These settings can be managed through the P-Rep portal management page.
  • There is a set of new pages that allow users to browse, correlate and find more information about ICON's Network Proposals much in the same fashion as our community policy pages. You can view which p-reps have voted for, against or abstained on these, in addition to some of the basic information about the proposal. More details will be added in the future.
  • P-Rep profile updates - Along with the Network Proposal updates the P-Rep profile pages got a bit of an update to include information about a P-Rep's network proposal voting history, in addition to the community policy votes. Additionally policies and network proposals created by a P-Rep will be listed on these pages as, yet another metric, to help users understand P-Rep positions.

We are continuously updating and enhancing ICONalyst, but would love your feedback anytime! Please join our telegram channel here for feedback & discussions about ICONalyst.

Lastly, we greatly appreciate the support from the community we have received on this initiative. Your votes help us to continue to support ICONalyst's development and to achieve our other development goals on and for ICON. For more information about Foundry Box Media you can check out our website here.

Until next time!

ICONalyst Team
Published on 11/13/2019 8:56:44 AM