ICONalyst Recent Updates

ICONalyst Recent Updates

Hello ICONists!

We're back with a few more updates to ICONalyst. Plenty more to address, but you can now look forward to the new features below!

  • P-Reps can now categorize and annotate transactions that are logged on their P-Rep portals. This can be done through the "manage profile" button found on each of the P-Rep portals. This process will require account validation of the P-Rep primary account, but should otherwise be as easy as logging in and updating the category and/or annotations (notes) for each transaction through the admin section.
  • P-Reps may now associate other accounts with their profile (in addition to their primary account). This can be done once logged into the "Manage Profile" section by pressing the "Add Account" button. If you haven't validated the account you want to add, you will need to do that first. Once complete, the account will be associated with your P-Rep profile. Transactions from that account will be captured going forward (and from the last 30 days too) and included in your profile along with other transactions.
  • P-Rep profiles and the P-Rep summary page now include "Liquidated ICX" metrics. This will likely require refinement to better communicate P-Rep expenditures, but for now this is a summary of all incoming and outgoing transactions for accounts associated with a P-Rep profile. Currently this value does not currently reflect un-collected I-Score, transactions outside the 30 day window (for newly associated accounts), transactions before decentralization or staked balances on any accounts. 

As always feedback is always welcome about ICONalyst. Please join our telegram channel for ICONalyst feedback and discussions to help us refine this tool!

We're working hard on our next release which includes the following features:

  • P-Rep Accolades & Accomplishments
  • P-Rep Transaction and Expenditure breakdowns (based on transaction categories)
  • Usability and other enhancements for user Posts & Discussions
  • Transaction detail pages (and associated links) for P-Reps, Policies, Votes and Users

Stay tuned!

ICONalyst Team
Published on 11/5/2019 6:13:55 AM