ICONalyst Beta & Feedback

ICONalyst Beta & Feedback

Hello ICONists! We are excited and proud to announce ICONalyst, a tool to help ICONists, P-Reps and any other interested parties to govern & guide the growth of the ICON network and ecosystem, discuss & propose policies and get detailed and useful information about the ICON representatives. We're still early in the process and plan to continue to develop, enhance and grow ICONalyst as the premier resource for managing the ICON network.

A few things to note:

We are currently in a beta. Any information provided or added to the system during the beta has the potential to be removed or erased. Some features may be broken, missing or in progress but we are actively working to fix and implement many features. Some of our planned functionality or enhancements can be found below.

Most of the features will be documented in a help section at or near the time of launch, but we welcome and encourage everyone to provide us with feedback on any existing or desired functionality, issues and/or concerns!

Features currently in development:

  • Display Names: Currently "users" are identified by the account hash they used to perform various actions. We will be implementing a "display name" property that can be assigned to accounts during validation, or through registered user profiles and used instead of account hashes.
  • Various usability updates for the account verification process to make it a less intensive process when necessary.
  • Various usability updates for content posting and comments including filters, load more, categories and pagers.
  • P-Rep management functionality, allowing P-Rep account owners to update their profiles with custom details and information.
  • P-Rep Accolades Statuses and accomplishments that P-Reps can be nominated for to help communicate their achievements as a P-Rep. Can be nominated by any ICONist and voted on by the community.
  • Documentation and tutorials on various ICONalyst functions and processes, in addition to the documentation and communication of the election process for ICON policies.
  • DApp, EEP and tool manager where ICONists can create proposals for apps and functionality and P-Reps or other developers can vote on and claim the nominations, submit updates on progress and discuss them in open forum.
  • Transaction Auditing: Policy creation and votes are logged on the block chain whenever a user takes an action. Additional functionalities will also be logged on ICON's block chain in the future and functionality will be implemented that allows anyone to audit the information and provide transaction details.
ICONalyst Team
Published on 10/13/2019 10:43:10 PM